The M7 model is a fully automatic high production tray sealer.
The machine is available in two versions: N for sealing only and V/G for vacuum packaging or vacuum/gas packaging.
High Technology:
The machine is designed with ILPRAE-MEC technology based on electro-mechanical motion of working stations which offers low energy consumption
and low maintenance. The Mmodel is designed to be integrated into existing customer’s production lines.
The changeover is extremely simple with new mechanical lift system.
The new film unwind system provides high precision both in working and in print centering.The revolving touch screen control panel features a
friendly use multi-program storage capability.
Hygiene and complete access:
The IP 66 class protection and the stainless steel material the machine is constructed of make the M7 able to withstand aggressive environments,
such as factories packaging dairy or brine products.
Complete access to the sealing area is easily gained by lifting both the front and rear doors of the machine.
The working table is designed to avoid the stagnation of washing liquids. All the belt conveyors are removable and washable.
All that makes cleaning and maintenance operations very easy and quick.
Versatility and customization:
To grow the high value for M7 model, a wide range of options and different loading conveyors (infeed continuous or stepping conveyor with single /
double line or walking beam conveyor system) are available to make the machine suitable for several applications and to meet specific customer needs.