KZDT adoption of the European imports of seal components. Application of high-strength aluminum box structure, hardened tape feed roller to extend the life of the machine.Through a special tensioning device can achieve high levels of tension, tension straps, fusion, and cutting off the conveyor belt are electronically controlled and equipped with a timer fuse cooling, in order to ensure the quality of fusion. Suitable for PP and PET strap material. Suitable for the top of the package was relatively smooth automatic pallet strapping production lines. XFC-1 line for tons of packaging pallet strapping and wrapping operations. Having a tray and multi-channel automatic strapping goods with the tray with plastic stretch film Together wrapping continuum occasion. Applied to the wound strapping packaging line. Facilitate containerized storage and mechanized handling. Applied to exports, chemicals, plastics, light industry, mechanical and electrical industries of various products tray containerized continuous packing. Flexible configuration, can be easily selected according to need.