FP 1460
As part of ILPRA’s continued enhancement program of it’s Foodpack line, ILPRA is proud to introduce the new model FP 1460. This is an in-lane tray
sealing machine with the very latest construction and innovative features incorporated for the end user giving advantages both technically and commercially.
High performance and space saving:
The new sealing area (up to 600mm) is able to satisfy high speed production. Thanks to ILPRA’s small and compact footprint (approx 3 meter long)
and the compact in feed conveyor it’s very easy and quick to install and integrate into existing customer’s production lines.
The very latest technology:
The machine movements are based on brushless movement which offers low energy consumption, high production and minimal maintenance cost.
The machine is also equipped with colour touch screen control panel which is very easy to read and use.
Hygiene and maintenance:
The FP 1460 is constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, so that it can be used in wet environments (IP 65 protection class).
All the working surfaces, protection doors and the electrical cabinet are sited on top of the machinery to prevent water or liquid stagnation. For ease of
operation and washing front and rear doors of the machine have been designed to give immediate access to all areas.
On request, a wide range of options are available to meet as much possible the customer’s requirements.