FP 1401
The FOODPACK 1401 is an in-lane tray-sealing machine, completely automatic. The machine is available either in N (only sealing) version or in VG,
the latter to package under vacuum and/or in MAP.
Hygiene and accessibility: being constructed in stainless steel and in compliance with IP 65 class protection, the FP 1401 is suitable to work in
aggressive environments. The working surfaces and the grating doors are made in such a way to prevent water or liquid stagnation.
Inspection and washing operations of the machine become extremely simple and quick.
High technology: the changeover is quick and easy; the 1401 machine gets promptly ready to package a different size.
The machine is equipped with colour touch screen, combined with simple and friendly-use software (able to store up to 40 different working menus).
Compact design: the 100 m3 vacuum pump is lodged inside the machine, thus reducing the overall dimensions.
Customization: on request, a wide range of options are available to meet as much as possible the customer’s requirements.