BSF Series Combo shrink packaging machine set sealing, shrink once completed, is suitable for PVC, POF, PP and other shrink packaging materials. Transparent cover can clearly see seal cutting, shrinking the whole process. Shrink machine is equipped with stainless steel conveyor, the height can be adjusted. *_ sealing using Nano fibers spies, anti-stick temperature nickel-chromium alloy seal cutter, sealing neat cracking, coking.
*_ equipped with special rollers pinhole bodies to drain the membrane air.
*_ the slide film releasing stent, according to the size of the package, any adjustments.
*_ power consumption, average hourly power consumption is only 2.5kw.
*_ the temperature quality plastic knife chuck, durable.
*_ can be adjusted to close the indoor work places rack level according to the size of the packaging.
*_ bottom with lockable casters can be moved or positioned.
*_ continuous long operation will not lead to overheating of the surrounding environment.
*_ the combo shrink packaging machine is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, audio-visual products, hardware, cosmetics, books, toys, plastics, electronics and other products packaging
. *_ food, beverage, health care products, cosmetics, printed matter, toys and other products shrink packaging combinations applies when shopping promotions.
*_ suitable for shopping malls, stores, offices and laboratory space limitations of use of the site.